Stop looking for lenders and contact Gregg NOW. He's not your typical 9-5 lender at your local bank taking hour-long lunches and skipping out at noon on Fridays. He replies day or night within hours, usually minutes. Gregg is also incredibly smart and will offer you the best solution for your situation, you're not going to get some cookie-cutter corporate advice. You know how once you find a good mechanic or accountant you keep them for life? Gregg will be the same for us -- we'll use him whenever possible. Don't let the distance scare you, either, if you're concerned with hiring someone "long distance." We're roughly 1,000 miles away from him but it didn't cause a single hiccup for us. And while we could've picked up the phone and called Gregg at anytime, we corresponded 100% through e-mail from initial inquiry to closing. We probably e-mailed each other back and forth 200+ times. It was INCREDIBLY convenient. I even e-mailed him from the closing table saying we got the keys and he replied back in seconds congratulating us. As far as what Gregg was able to accomplish, we have decent income, but low scores (620-650) and he got us into a $450k house @ 5% down. We had some hiccups with the SELLER (not Gregg) along the way and Gregg guided us through it effortlessly. In fact, we closed two weeks AHEAD of schedule, closing in something like 35 days from start to finish. We wanted to close on X day and he moved earth to get us the keys that day. If you don't hire Gregg, you'll regret it. There's not a better lender out there.

Shawn W.
Aiken, SC

My name is Brian I was a complete mess I should have waited at least another year … My name is Brian I was a complete mess I should have waited at least another year before I went to buy a home. I had problems with the IRS. I had problems with New York State and a Judgment against me. Mr.Gregg Pomeroy coached me and he told me exactly what I needed to do and I followed his instructions to the “t” diligently, he will work for you to secure a loan.

Brian V.
New York

One of the most professional people I have ever known. Most knowledgeable, caring to the customer’s needs and gives out personal attention to his clients. Very pleased to work with him. I recommend his services to everyone in need of a mortgage.

Scott G.
New York

Gregg was extremely helpful in our mortgage process. We had all of our questions and concerns answered immediately and correctly. We would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a mortgage.

Doug W.
New York