Best lender hands down original_vlad from Stamford, CT TL;DR Gregg is the best lender hands down. My case was far from common and I called up a lot of agents when I was looking for quotes. Most of them did not even understand the situation. Many could not offer a product suitable for my needs. Gregg understood the case from get go and worked with me to come up with a custom package tailored exactly for me. Gregg goes above and beyond, he even helped me sort things out and get the sale going even in cases beyond his responsibilities as a lender. He was available 24/7 and took care of all my needs from day one and was on top of everything until after the deal was finalized and I got the keys to the property. Can’t recommend Gregg enough!

4 years ago

Amazing. Truly amazing! Simone Smith from Trenton, NJ I would give 10 stars because that’s just how amazing Gregg was. My real estate agent originally asked me to use “her guy” although I had my own and really liked him. I am super loyal! So I tried him which was unlike me because I had this offer with a previous real estate agent and I kept turning her down. So I tried him and he was on my file immediately! He told me who he was and what he could do for me. I sent him my documents immediately and he began working. He found something my precious guy didn’t which is an issue with the way FHA considers student loans. I call my guy and he says it’s not true. Does more research and sees that it is and basically says well you can get a co-signer or nothing. Gregg said yes! Gregg said he could make it work and showed me how. Although the first offer fell through when I went for a second home Gregg was already ready! He didn’t skip a beat. I really didn’t think I would be able to get through this process as we closed about 3 weeks after our date but Gregg was with us the whole way. He answered my texts even when I anxiously texted too late (sorry) and eased my worries. A lot went on during this process including my student loans and tight debt to income ratio but Gregg made it all work! I can say without a shadow of a doubt no one else would’ve been able to do this for me or work as hard as he did to get this to work for us. Please trust him, he will do it! I believe God guided this whole process as a Christian woman with strong faith and I know God specifically put Gregg into my folder because no one else would’ve been able to do so. I have now been in MY first home for a bit over a week. A dream I really didn’t think was possible for me. I wholeheartedly recommend him. I have already given his number to two other teachers at work. Go with Gregg he will get it done and he is a complete sweetheart! Thank you Gregg!! Oh! And he also saved me money at the closing table. He truly made this extremely hard and taxing process, doable!!

4 years ago
Simone S.

Outstanding! ambercoopcog from Lawn, TX I cannot even begin to tell you how much we appreciated Gregg and his team! They hustled for us from start to finish, kept in contact with our agent and title nonstop. This was our second time to purchase a home and you can absolutely tell a difference from someone who tells you they “know” what they are doing vs someone who actually does! I will continue to give Gregg our business from here on out! Excellent work and thank you for helping us get this major task accomplished!

4 years ago
Amber C.

THE BEST EVER!! jdareus4 from Willingboro Township, NJ Gregg is literally the best ever ! He is phenomenal at what he does . extremely patient and always managed to find numerous options that would work in our difficult situation. I highly recommend him :)

4 years ago
James D.

Stop looking for lenders and contact Gregg NOW. He's not your typical 9-5 lender at your local bank taking hour-long lunches and skipping out at noon on Fridays. He replies day or night within hours, usually minutes. Gregg is also incredibly smart and will offer you the best solution for your situation, you're not going to get some cookie-cutter corporate advice. You know how once you find a good mechanic or accountant you keep them for life? Gregg will be the same for us -- we'll use him whenever possible. Don't let the distance scare you, either, if you're concerned with hiring someone "long distance." We're roughly 1,000 miles away from him but it didn't cause a single hiccup for us. And while we could've picked up the phone and called Gregg at anytime, we corresponded 100% through e-mail from initial inquiry to closing. We probably e-mailed each other back and forth 200+ times. It was INCREDIBLY convenient. I even e-mailed him from the closing table saying we got the keys and he replied back in seconds congratulating us. As far as what Gregg was able to accomplish, we have decent income, but low scores (620-650) and he got us into a $450k house @ 5% down. We had some hiccups with the SELLER (not Gregg) along the way and Gregg guided us through it effortlessly. In fact, we closed two weeks AHEAD of schedule, closing in something like 35 days from start to finish. We wanted to close on X day and he moved earth to get us the keys that day. If you don't hire Gregg, you'll regret it. There's not a better lender out there.

5 years ago
Shawn W.
Aiken, SC

Gregg was extremely helpful in our mortgage process. We had all of our questions and concerns answered immediately and correctly. We would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a mortgage.

Doug W.
New York

One of the most professional people I have ever known. Most knowledgeable, caring to the customer’s needs and gives out personal attention to his clients. Very pleased to work with him. I recommend his services to everyone in need of a mortgage.

Scott G.
New York

My name is Brian I was a complete mess I should have waited at least another year … My name is Brian I was a complete mess I should have waited at least another year before I went to buy a home. I had problems with the IRS. I had problems with New York State and a Judgment against me. Mr.Gregg Pomeroy coached me and he told me exactly what I needed to do and I followed his instructions to the “t” diligently, he will work for you to secure a loan.

Brian V.
New York